Squat Proof Brown

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This high-performance ensemble with a wide waistband that keeps your leggings in place is designed for serious training days. Our lavish wide-strap tank top and full-length leggings offer maximum comfort. Popularity is soaring - this set is a sell-out! All-way Stretch, Soft and smooth, Moisture and sweat-wicking, Fastest-drying fabric, Supportive and breathable, Built-in bra, Anti-UV and anti-static. Wash with like colors, Machine wash cold, and Tumble dry low. Do not iron, bleach, or dry-clean. Crafted from premium Polyester and Elastane fabric.


  1. All-way Stretch
  2. Soft and Smooth
  3. Moisture and Sweat-Wicking
  4. Fastest drying fabric
  5. Supportive
  6. Breathable
  7. Built-in Bra
  8. Anti-UV and Anti-Static,

Products care

  1. Wash with like colors
  2. Tumble dry low
  3. Machine wash cold
  4. Do not iron
  5. Do not bleach
  6. Do not dry clean

This set is made with Polyester and Elastane fabric.